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Twist of Faith

Canadian Screen Awards

Nominated for two
2015 Canadian
Screen Awards

About Twist Of Faith

The premiere of Twist of Faith delivered 2.9 million Total Viewers, 1.1 million A25-54, and 871,000 W25-54.  It also earned 893,000 A18-49 and 674,000 W18-49. Versus 2012 and 2013-to-date Lifetime original movies, Twist of Faith was up +10% with A25-54 and +9% with W25-54.  From the first half hour to the last half hour, viewership increased +11% to +20% among key demos.

The Storyline

Jacob is an Orthodox Jew with a young family, but when his wife and children are killed, a grief-stricken Jacob wanders aimlessly until he ends up in a small town in Alabama. He is taken in by the local Baptist congregation, but Jacob's mysterious background soon draws the suspicions of the lead singer in the gospel choir, Nina Jones. When Jacob's musical background helps the choir win a state-wide gospel competition, love blossoms in the most unlikely places.

What People are Saying

Thank you for the movie "Twist of Faith" premiered on February 9 as part of Black History Month. What an inspirational, lovely and funny family movie. The cast was well-chosen and the music was amazing and creative (can;t wait until the sound track is available). I haven't been this excited about watching a movie-which has been a million, a trillion times- since the Love Comes Softly mini-series televised on Hallmark Movie Channel. Life is too short. People die tragically, unexpectedly, young and old. The movie beautifully shows how the goodness of God is always working to heal the broken-hearted. And GOD was doing just that when Jacob and Nina came together. Absolutely fantastic!

I look forward to the next chapter of this television movie (or hoping Lighthouse Pictures and the writers are considering a sequel). How do these two families come together? How their love for each other grows with GOD at the center? Does Jacob convert or do the two of them use their differences /interfaith to strengthen the family? Again, thank you for the movie "Twist of Faith".

Many Blessings,

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